Monday, October 28, 2013

RoadRUNNER article on Huntsville, AL and TN

From the DEC '13 issue, Thought you would like to see it.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Here is what I'm thinking.
5+ hours of riding to get to the campsite.
Explore everywhere on foot. Adventure. only get on bikes to ride into town. Adventure.

Now that I'm shedding weight, I want to do more stuff. We used to love just taking off into the woods. Might find out that its different in our mid thirties that what we remembered, but I want to try.

God forbid we burn an actual calorie on one of these trips.

Might be a good way to scope out campgrounds and parks for future family trips. You really should bust H's Yoop cherry.

DNR site for the park here.
More links for the park and area here, here, here, and here.

Good bit of riding and then just hanging out without helmets on.

Just a thought.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Flathead (published from the Mayor's drafts)

So, this is it. It's in really good shape for being over 60 years old.

Motor turns over nice and smooth by hand. Started tearing down the upperend tonight. Got the carb, intake, generator & bracket, oil filter housing, fuel pump and the heads off. Looks like its never been rebuilt, which is a bonus, and I see no critical damage either. Going to start cleaning parts up and ebaying them next.

Shovel Heads(published from the mayor's Drafts)

Getting ready (published from the mayor's drafts)

Getting the bike ready. New plugs, tent on bars, crash guards and highway pegs re-done. installed petcock repair kit, but now it seems to still not work right. In fact I think it's worse.
12v Acc plug.

Ducati Published from the mayor's drafts)

Published from the mayors drafts

Ducati pics part two (Published from the mayors drafts)

Another engine cut-a-way. This was a 1cyl motor that was limited production.
300 world chapmionships and counting
I was jealous of that riding suit...
I can't believe that guy raced in the same P.J.'s I still wear to bed!


Thanks JT!

Met JT on out trip to Barbers. Great guy! Introduced us to some of the Bama Rides guys and to a couple of the Haints.

Made sure we knew where to get some good eats and invited us to the Dojo so we could watch the cocktagon battle!

Good times, we'll have to go riding sometime!
Representative of, but not, JT. His beard was a couple inches longer so it hid his cleavage.

Rider Article featuring a Michigan ride.

This might be a nice trip for the next time we camp in Roscommon.

The article on riding pants follows. You know, incase you cant to print a page with your size written on it to drop off on that guys workstation every day until he replaces your old ones.