Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New app test

Mic check 1,2,1,2. Check check check

It's a boy

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Monday, August 22, 2011




All of the trip geo tags are messed up for some reason.


This was the one I was talking about


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back in berkley!

GeoTagged, [N44.65444, E84.70604]

1100 miles since Friday morning.


GeoTagged, [N44.65444, E84.70604]

Pee pee

Grayling rain.

GeoTagged, [N44.48357, E84.49197]

Big boy breakfast buffet. Enough calories to last 3 days. Raining a little bit, but at least it's cold.
Had to pinch a loaf here soooo bad I almost play-doh fun factoried my pants. An old man comes out of the shitter 10 minutes later with a newspaper. Fucking dick. Seat was warm though.

The mayor

Nate's new nickname, because everyone talks to him. Friendliest guy on a bike. Strangers love this guy!

Free coffee from a neighbor(actual person in site next to us, not "neighbor")
and then some lady walking to the can stopped to ask about the bikes and our trip.

Nice guy, really nice guy.

Nate's host friend

GeoTagged, [N45.87038, E84.71772]

Nate always has strangers come talk to him. Ask him about his host

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nate Kineval and the tunnel of trees

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Holy shit. Corvettes are the "sports car" of white trash.

Nate likes blind turns and on-coming traffic.

Nice bikes

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Nice bikes with plush animals


GeoTagged, [N45.92551, E86.98184]

Nate came in hot, almost made a yamahonda

 There are signs giving tourist heads up that there are scenic overlooks ahead, nate makes his decisiob to turn into one 5 feet from the entrance. We were cruising at a 55-65MPH clip at the time. I look at the overlook I thought we were passing and turn my head back just in time to swiirve around nate and overshot the area by thirty yards. After I peeled my scpinchter from the seat and unclenched I turned around and took some nice photos.

Can't be mad at the guy, he was all, "I thought it was the one you were talking about with the bridge."

Next time lets just turn around if we need to.

Scenic ain't it?

GeoTagged, [N45.92551, E86.98184]

Views of Lake Michigan from M-2

So pretty so nice

Same as yesterday

GeoTagged, [N45.92551, E86.98184]

No gas just a big deuce. It was ready.

Gassy pissy

GeoTagged, [N45.87206, E88.08351]

Why so many gas stop photos?

After breakfast

GeoTagged, [N45.88334, E88.05619]

Have to poop. No poop here. Suspected retired Cop got our number. Ask Nate.

In Wisconsin

GeoTagged, [N45.88352, E88.05651]

Just the tip, see?

Off of M-2 between Iron Mountain, MI and Spread Eagle, WI

Curve inn. Spread eagle, WI

Nate liked the logo!

Morning roll out

GeoTagged, [N45.88378, E88.05670]

Where is my toothbrush? Ken explains his OCD. Why can't Nate just change clothes in his tent.

Nate's clamshell

GeoTagged, [N45.63600, E85.18518]

So pretty, taken from the parking lot of the bar Nate looked up prior to the trip, that closed down for good a few days before we got to Iron mountain.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Storms comin'

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Raingear piss stop


GeoTagged, [N45.86410, E84.63879]

Nate strips, stranger tells us no rain coming, but he lost his gas cap.

Mackinaw grille

GeoTagged, [N44.02509, E84.35802]


Mackinac city

GeoTagged, [N43.25390, E83.78558]

Sprinkling now, rain gear time


****Imagine a photo here, its on my iPhone blogwriter app post, but cannot see it here.****

Triple gassy, but will there be pissy?

Went to use the can and heard a god awful noise like someone was pouring corn chowder in the toilet, or was plunging it. Sloshing galore.

Tonys in birch run

****Imagine this is the picture of the outside of Tony's. The picture that i can see on my iPhone's post, but that doesn't exist outside of that.****

Waiting on Ken...for about 2 minutes. Pretty prompt for a guy who has a pretty pretentious tent.

REMINDER: Stop ordering the bacon at Tony's. Its too much and tastes like shit.

Monday, August 15, 2011


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Picnic table, scrap wood, boxes, lighter fluid and love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mother lode of the blues!

Right here

95% blues the rest is a mix of anything you can think of. I have a feeling you guys may enjoy it.

Enjoy a young Teddy Roosevelt during his days at Harvard. Dig the mutton chops.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Customer service pt 2

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No bear on the box. All business

helmet feels good, but seriously, a sharpie and 30 seconds is all I was asking for.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fork you!

So, last Monday I started my forking fork job. I had per-ordered my new progressive springs and seals from http://www.oldbikebarn.com , and picked up 10wt fork oil from Boomers, so that I would have all parts I needed on hand. Or so I thought. I was in no huge hurry to rush the job, I thought maybe and hour or so every night after work for 2-3 days would get it done. Wrong.
Day one, remove calipers, speedo, front tire, pull drain screws and drain over night. Check!
Side note: I think it's been a very long time, if ever, this oil was changed. It stunk like hell. When I uncapped the top of the tube for the air inlet, it was like getting blasted in the face with a pre-diarrhea fart.

Day two, remove front fender, and down tubes. Well, I got the fender part done. This is when I learned about the special tool I needed to hold the dampener rod so that I can unscrew the Allen bolt in the bottom of the tube. My service manual shows this tool but the pic is vague. Luckily for me Motorcycle Classics just had an article on this topic for 80's Yamaha's and showed how to make the tool out of flat steel. I was having trouble uploading pics tonight so I'll try to add the tool later. I made the tool easily at work.

Day 3, the tubes are still on. My dampening rods do not have the same slotted/keyed top as most early to mid 80's Yamaha's did. Instead I found mine have a 22mm inverted 12pt. So back to the drawing board on that tool.
Day 4, made a new tool at work. I found that a 14mm bolt and nut have a 22mm hex to them. I welded the nut to the end of the bolt (i used the longest bolt I could get). The nut fits down into the top of the rod, and I used a 22mm socket on a long extension to hold it. Worked perfectly.

More pics to come soon.

Day 5, I decided to paint the down tubes now that they are off. They were cleared from the factory, but are now a dingy yellowish brown tint. I removed the clear, sanded lightly, primed with self-etching primer, then painted low-gloss black. I thought it'd look good to match the frame, and I'll polish up the calipers and all the stainless fasteners for a good contrast. Oh yeah, I put on like five heavy coats of clear for protection.

More pics to come....

Day 6, so I lost 2 days on the account of making a tool, and 1 day on painting, no biggy. Time to put them back together and enjoy my labors and frustrations. I cleaned all the parts well with NAPA brake cleaner. The tubes inside and out. Lined all my parts back in order of assembly. I got to the part of putting a new fork seal in when I found the seals are wrong. (Which reminds me, I need to email OldBikeBarn and let them know to remove 1985-86 XJ's from this seal listing) The OEM seals measure 38mm x 50mm x 8mm. The new ones are 38 x 50 x 10.5.
These seals supposedly fit most Kawasaki and Yamaha bikes, but that extra 2.5mm fucks the whole job for me. The added height has the seal sitting up just above the retaining ring groove. Without the retaining ring the seal will work its way up and out.

Day 7, got on Bike Bandit and ordered "OEM" seals. I put OEM in quotes cause I'm not sure what they will actually be. I called customer service, but they couldn't give me the specs and told me they would be of "OEM brand". Which I told them is NOK seals. And they were like "yeah, sure." The seals were not in stock at the moment, but were available. I think this means they can get them from the manufacturer, like we do at work. I probably wont see them until Monday next week. I ordered 2 sets in case I botch one up. I hope they are right, and I get them sooner than later. If they are wrong I'm not sure what I'll do except maybe put the old ones back in for our trip until I can figure it out.

On a side note, the dampener rod had some wear, as well as some bushings, but from what I can see these parts are no longer available, so they will run until failure I guess.