Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have decided what I would like to do to give away our stickers.

I will send some stickers to you. Some for your trapper keeper. At least one for something cool.

I would like pics of where you put your sticker, so I can put said sticker photo up on this blog.


1. No placing stickers anywhere that would get us in a heap of shit. (on the corpse of the person you just robbed, on a police car windshield, naked children, top secret military information.)
2. Please be as entertaining as possible with it. We are not prude by any means, go ahead and be sick(within the bounds of rule #1) and creative.
3. More rules to be added as I/we see fit.

Here is what you get for your trouble:
If your picture of our sticker somewhere great really tickles our fancy, you will receive some sort of care package. I don't know what will be in that package. Probably some TN or MI products, maybe something edible or maybe something useful. It could end up being a postcard a day for a month with a haiku on the back.

Prize worthy pics will be picked at our/my whim. Prizes will be picked at our/my whim.

So send your requests to

 Let the entertainment begin.

Sean says "Hello".