Saturday, December 28, 2013

Places of interest for future trips

Okay just wanted to keep a running tab on ideas.
Passed by some things driving around in the dadmobile while the kids napped.

Jumbo House Burgers in Columbia, TN
Soda Pop Junction in Lynnville, TN

Battle Fields:

Needed a photo

Friday, December 13, 2013

This is real.

This has to be one of the single worst custom paint jobs I've ever seen in my life. And, I'm sure this guy paid a lot of money for it, or girl. I can't decide if a man or woman owns it now. I'm not even totally sure what the theme is supposed to be or what it means... Judging by the PT Cruiser & the 80's Porsche, could be a homo or a washed up porn star.
 "I'm flaming hot, but sometimes I'm so cold it burns & I also win races for breast cancer awareness" Is the title of this piece of art work.
I'm mean, it is for sale if someone here would like to purchase.
They spent a lot of money on a lot of good parts to build this bike.
Maybe they'll knock 5k off the asking price since it needs to be striped & repainted.
Your thoughts?