Sunday, February 19, 2012

364 Buick Nailhead parts for sale

Hey all. I'm going to be putting these up on ebay this week, but thought I give first crack here if you know anyone interested, pass it on. These are a pair of refurbished cylinder heads off a 364ci Buick Nailhead.
I did the work myself. I'm putting the "buy it now" price on ebay at $700, but I'll take $500 for them here & here only. These are in better than new shape and ready to rock a rat rod!

 Casting number
 The Intake valves were in great shape, they were cleaned, polished, & cut. The exhaust valves are all brand new. Also hardened exhaust seats were installed so running unleaded gas is a-ok. The throats were opened a little in the 3 angle valve job.
 Heads were nilled for straightness
 All new valve springs, keepers, viton seals, and bronze wall guides were installed. The red is an oil shedding coating for protection and quicker oil return, the heads are in hi-temp primer.
The valve covers are separate. $50
I also have a complete lower end that needs to be rebuilt, as well as the rocker shaft assemblies, push rods, water pump,ect.