Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hernia fixed!

Surgery went well. Feels like Ive been gut punched. Sitting down & getting up is the worst, but no servere pain. Two weeks no lifting anything over 15lbs, so no working on projects for a bit.

Diamonds are forever!

These are a set of big bore big twins that were sent out to be "diamond cut". Looks sweet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Parts arrived!

I had free time to work on the GS1100GL this afternoon and the parts I had ordered were on the doorstep! After opening the box and pulling out the air filter, I realized I had bought the wrong air box. I scoured eBay and found one that matched the picture in the parts book, so in a week I will have this thing ready to go.

Anyone need an air box off of an early 80s Suzuki GS1100?

Aux gas tank works. Now I really can play bike doctor!

Omg I am going to soil this recliner

In the in-laws' bonus room. new baby sleeping in one arm. 2year old napping next to me. The wimmens went to get their toes did for the wedding on Wednesday. 3 days worth of spicy food just decided it wants out. Cold sweat. Getting desperate. Writing to take my mind off it. It's not working.

Gurgles and Gloops from my gut.

Can't put Isaac down, he will wake hungry and I don't have a bottle.

Aren't second weddings supposed to be in courthouses? Take your fiancée to the judge, no pedicures needed.and my bowels could be unleashed.

I have only #2'd twice at the in-law's
The whole time I've known them, out of respect. And fear.

Today will be #3. I'll need a mop and a priest.

Holy shit they are here!

Enjoy this self portrait, entitled: "cold seat, blazing sphincter".

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goofing around

"tidying up" in the garage.

No videos Jackass

So I just noticed all the videos I have posted haven't worked.

To see some minor progress made on the XL125 and the GL1100GL, from the posts made in the past 2 weeks or so go to my youtube channel:

Thanks for looking!

When to a gun show and bought a knife

I can strike matches on the handle of this pig sticker. By pig I mean actUal swine, nothing else. By swine I mean properly prepared BBQ.

Also bought these lights from a 61 Chevy. I'm thinking they may go on the BFF sissybar or another, taller bar. Maybe I'll use them as turn/tail lights. I don't know, just stop pressuring me to come up with a place to use them right now, they were only $5 a pop. What do you mean its just more junk to throw in the garage? No I'm not just going to put them in a box and forget about them. Don't you have anything better to do than henpeck me constantly?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thinking room

My wife doesn't want to go back to work in a week or so. She wants me to finish learning programming overnight, so she can stay home. We were talking about this last night; I want to work, she wants to stay home with the kids. That's great! I want to work. As awesome as staying home with the kids is it just feels wrong not working.
So while talking, I'm going over how long finishing the bikes in the garage will take, and what I have to do. No more taking in neighbors equipment for awhile. As these thoughts are going through my nugget, at the speed of thought mind you, she then goes on to tell me how I'm not spending enough time in the garage. I don't get it. I'm out there any time I get more than 2 minutes by myself. Literally.

Okay time to wipe.

Enjoy this self portrait entitled: pins and needles

Thursday, February 23, 2012

...but where is the afterbirth

Fuel line umbilical cord!
Check it out it's like the GS gave birth to the XL!

I was going to make a joke about fucking the GS in the tailpipe but after climaxing I was more ashamed for having done it. And my dick hurts.

Protip: If the hole is so small you have to stuff your flaccid cock in with a screwdriver and then get it hard...wait until you are completely flaccid again before pulling out. It hurts. A lot.

Yeah baby, suck my petcock

I need to clean out/rebuild the petcock on the XL125. No gas comes out, and it was stuck in the "on" position.

Need to flush the tank too, it sounds like some little kid poured sand in it.

Waiting on an auxiliary fuel tank to get here. Holds a half gallon and looks like an iv for a bike.

Until then I'm going to get some extra fuel line and unions. I'll connect the XL to the GS tank.

Have a look into the petcock's urethra.


Oh I think I'm going to build a zip line for the kids to use during the family reunion.

What could go wrong?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our mx track

This is where Jake and I roost mud all up my back and generally do stuff on the ttr-90 that would make the wife extremely happy. I'm taking the XT back from Rick when I give him the GS. I'm sure it will be harder to handle than the kid bike, but I'm sure I can beat a 2 year old in a race. At least best him 2 out of 3.

My craigslist addiction

So I'm sitting here in my thinking spot and realized I haven't been on Craigslist since I've filled my garage with bikes. I knew there was a cure for it Nate.

Enjoy a tasteful self portrait in my thinking spot. I call it "house shoes and tiles".

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GS1100, now with fuel!

Fuel lines semi attached. Sent the video to Rick for his motorcycle spank bank.

Wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

I need to ride so bad...

...that I would ride the Natchez Trace again voluntarily.

Just saying.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

364 Buick Nailhead parts for sale

Hey all. I'm going to be putting these up on ebay this week, but thought I give first crack here if you know anyone interested, pass it on. These are a pair of refurbished cylinder heads off a 364ci Buick Nailhead.
I did the work myself. I'm putting the "buy it now" price on ebay at $700, but I'll take $500 for them here & here only. These are in better than new shape and ready to rock a rat rod!

 Casting number
 The Intake valves were in great shape, they were cleaned, polished, & cut. The exhaust valves are all brand new. Also hardened exhaust seats were installed so running unleaded gas is a-ok. The throats were opened a little in the 3 angle valve job.
 Heads were nilled for straightness
 All new valve springs, keepers, viton seals, and bronze wall guides were installed. The red is an oil shedding coating for protection and quicker oil return, the heads are in hi-temp primer.
The valve covers are separate. $50
I also have a complete lower end that needs to be rebuilt, as well as the rocker shaft assemblies, push rods, water pump,ect.

Motor cycle swap meet

These two beauties were spotted today, along with lots of old ladies wearing super tight jeans with waistbands up to their boobs. Didn't get any pics of those those tho... although I thought about it.

Turds in the tub

So after a $602 emergency call to the plumber last night, I found out my upstairs plumbing is not in code. We found out via poo-cam.

That's okay, it's just 1800 to fix, not including the cost to patch the drywall when the plumbers are done.

I told my wife that cuts into my bike budget too much and she needs to learn to deal with showering ankle deep in poop.

She didn't laugh.

Enjoy a pic of our snowstorm.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1980 Shovelhead rebuild

Just thought I'd do a quickie write up on some machine work I do at work. Here's a set of worn out 1980 Harley Shovel head jugs. These were already 0.010" oversize, but many years ago and need to go to 0.030" over now.  Wiseco piston set we ordered up for it.
Wiseco and JE make the best forged pistons IMO.
Why not bump the compression on it while we're at it?
Stock was around 7.5:1, it'll be 9.5:1 now.
The jugs were cleaned, gasket material removed, bored to +0.025 over, then finish honed to final size.
Finished honed.
Cleaned, honed, ready for paint and reassembly.
Video I took of the final hone process, I don't know why it's sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate a video...
I have the heads as well. I'll do a walk through on those Monday when I get them finished.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gs1100 runs...kinda

Wanted to show my brother his 150 Craig's list bike will run.

Throwing it on here for o.c. February.

Real progress to come soon I hope.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks for the fob!

Free stickers and a key fob from jbmft!
And it was wrapped in an old blue beetle comic page!

I need to get our stickers made.

I need ideas for a logo though, or I'll end up with a sparkly hello kitty riding a rainbow unicorn sporting an erection.

Check one project off the list

Pete's trunk light it done. Now a neighbor has a lawnmower for me to look at. If you ever want stuff to work on, tell your neighbors you are an aircraft mechanic and you only charge for the price of parts.

Minivan purgatory

Thomas the train playing on the DVD looped for the billionth time, two napping boys. Wife is getting her hair did. So sleepy.

Installing the trunk on Pete's st1300 after Melissa is done here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So I'm a bit re-re

GS1100: Need to fix/replace the kill switch, after using a jumper on it, pulling in the clutch lever the start button engages the starter. Still don't know why the neutral light isn't working. Going to check the bulb. Dunno why the side stand light isn't going out.

Dad sat down and started methodically checking wires and connectors, saw I put a wire on the wrong post.

XL125: he says the kick back on the starter pedal could be the spark igniting the fuel too soon before TDC. I'll check the points too to make sure the set screw didn't rattle loose while the neighbor was riding it years ago. Could that have advanced the timing too soon?

P.s. I'm hiding in the laundry room.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brilliant plan to solve a problem

Jake working on the bikes gave me an epiphany. I don't need to build a dream shop, I need a shrink-ray. That will solve my workspace issues.
Then I make money from selling the ray to the military! That money goes to my dream shop!

Problem solved.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

1974 Honda XL125

So I'm trying to see if this bike is worth the time and money to fix. Neighbor said the bike just quit on him, and he thought he had ran it out of oil and the engine seized on him. Engine kicks over, and I had to do a quick and dirty carb clean, as shown in a earlier post. I put all the old parts back in the carb and had to try it getting it to run with starting fluid, since the petcock on the tank was frozen in the off position.
I kicked the bugger through a few times and it wanted to start. I tried again and felt a weird "kick-back" on the starter pedal.
After that I tried kicking it through and everything was normal. Squirt a bit more fluid and it did it again when it wanted to start.

Ideas? I've never felt something like that on the XL100, nor the XT350.

oh yeah forgot to mention both the clutch lever and the front brake lever are snapped off at the pivot point. makes kicking a blast.

thats the carb kit from the xl100, neighbor cannibalized one of the jets from the 125 to keep the 100 running, so i returned the jet to its rightful place.     

Saturday, February 11, 2012

ST1300 trunk light

Bought my father-in-law Pete an axillary tail light for his ST1300 a couple of Christmas' ago. Finally getting around to installing it. making a pigtail to splice into the tail light  on the bike, with a molex connector so he can take the trunk off if he ever wanted to.

My dad is coming over this week to help me find the wire gremlin on my brother's GS1100. I know its something simple, and I'm almost there with it, but I cant seem to make the break through. Dad is like the electronic whisperer, he'll find the issue within moments.

Forgot to take a pic of the trunk before I mounted the light. The axillary tail light is the led strip above the handle.

Going to get some good tape to route the wires on the lid to the base.

Yeah that's the baby monitor on the GS seat on the XS. I have my nap-time priorities right.

Think it'll be enough?

it fits

Just waiting on the silicon to waterproof the holes I added. Then I connect it to the bike.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Canadian Japanese air box

Air box arrived from Canada today. Not sure if they were real Canadians though, the box doesn't smell like molson or maple syrup.

Wife is getting the kids out of the house this weekend so I will get to make some real progress on the Motos.

I'll try to fill in the spaces between actual progress posts with some tasteful nudes of myself.

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Monday, February 6, 2012


So a few of the gs connectors ate all brittle and warped so I got the goods from radio shack to make some new ones.

Tried hooked the battery back up on the gs and turned the key and no lights came on. Dunno what I did, all fuses look fine.

Also adding a brake light to Pete's st1300 trunk.

Made some chili. Mostly beans and peppers. My stomach hurts after eating it, and my b hole is already crying just from the anticipation of tomorrows BM.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

So, above pic is the forks that came on the bike. As you can see they are rusty. Too rusty in fact. Not worth the time to try and de-rust and re-chrome, so I've been shopping around on ebay for a better set. The pic below I scored these upper and lower pairs for $39.95, by far the best shape at the cheapest price I've seen so far. A little semichrome polish and they be looking nice. I plan on running the fork bellows anyways so most of the upper will be covered. The nice thing is the seals look good and the springs feel like new, however I'll probably go through them just to be safe. It pays NOT to impulse buy on ebay. Be patient, I saw most forks going for 60-70 and they looked as bad as mine.
The pic below I'm holding the fork center to the axle to show how much extension was in the old ones. These stock forks ought to put this front end back down 3 1/2".
Seat pan showed up. Looks nice. Carpy really does nice work. This is the first of many pieces to come from him. He's the man on CB 750 cafe parts.

Just a quick mock up, I threw it on the bike to see how it might look. I needed this part to determine if I really want to extend the frame and swing arm. I like the wheel mostly under the tail of this pan, So if I go with the 2" extended arm, I'll have to stretch the frame 2" from the tank back to keep the look, other wise the wheel will stick out further than I'd visually like. Or, I run stock length swing arm and call it a day and run stock size rear tire...

I'll toss those clubmans you gave me on tomorrow and see what that looks like. Those shitty bars gotta go!