Monday, August 26, 2013

Free parts

Tell your friends. 

No reason to take'em to  the next house. I don't have a Harley no mo.

Clutch basket n stuff. Off an early evo. Late '83.

Price: free.99

Seems like a waste just to toss.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Need some input on XJ

I got motivated today to clean up the XJ. I was going to tear it all down, touch up the rust spots, clean uo all the connections, etc. Now I'm thinking about mods. Should I do a bobber? Cafe? I'm very limited on budget & I don't want to get into too much cutting & welding. I was thinkin' bars, paint, fenders, & maybe a seat. I can lower it 2" easy enough. I think I may keep the frame gloss black & maybe do everything that's aluminum now to flat black. The fork tube & the shock would be the only chrome. Relcocate the signals. The rear fender is too much to mode. I may have to cut the last 6" of tail of the frame to fit an aftermarket on. What do you think?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Woodward Dream Cruise

It's the dream cruise weekend again.
Sorry there's not a ton of cool pics, but we didn't stay too long. I still get fatigued quick & Viv was getting bored.


View from our room. Kids science center and the aquariums just a block or two away!
Pretty hardcore bike and hot rod related stuff.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9th Annual Barber Vintage Festival

So October 2012, I didn't have enough time to take off work to go to Barber. Instead I went north on a short trip with my brother. We hit a snow storm before we even reach our end goal & were turned back.
RMFH went south to Baber and had great weather & a great time. I'm going south this year. I know it's still 8 weeks out, but I'm excited for this trip. I can't ride for 3 more weeks, I'm missing the nicest part of Michigan summer. I'll be itchin' to go to this from now until then.
My food restrictions will be off by then too. I'm gonna want burgers, and Mexican. All weekend. Burgers & Mexican.

Custom trike build

It took me an entire nap to complete, but it's finally done. Another satisfied customer. Viv loves it!

New account test

Had to create a new blogger account. Was having issues with old one.
This ones synced with new phone, the other one wouldn't. Once I know this is all set I'll remove the old one.

Back to work today. 7 days went by fast.