Saturday, March 28, 2015

Autorama aka 500th post

Dropped mom off in the mitt and had a sleep over at the Mayor's house. Did this stuff, posting all pics, because picking only the best would take so much more time.

Pics below are of things I thought were unique. Granted, the whole 2 floors of Cobo were packed, but it seems most cars were either the same model, done the same style but in a different color, or just not really cool to me.

I have confirmed my previous theory on car shows. 1 rat-rod among 100 show cars is cool and unique; 100 rat rods together are just junky cars with the owners trying to out junk each other. On the flip side, 1 restored or shiny custom show car is unique in a sea of rats; 100 together is just a bunch of old men out gaudy-ing each other.

Any car newer than 1968 is not a classic.
There are more pre '68 car models than a '57 Chevy bellaire.
Just sayin'