Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The man behind the name...

Dick Hammer was a leading AMA Grand National racer during the 1960s who specialized in TT racing. His biggest victory came at the Peoria, Illinois, TT in 1962. Hammer also earned notable victories in the Daytona International Lightweight race (predecessor to the modern-day AMA 250 Grand Prix class) aboard Harley-Davidson's. Hammer won the first ever Lightweight event at Daytona in 1963. He came back to defend his win in 1964 and was runner-up to Gary Nixon in 1967.

To read more about some guy with the name Dick Hammer, who surprisingly isn't a porn star, go here: Dick Hammer , it's the biggest Dick Hammer page you'll ever see.

Wheels Through Time

A big highlight of the trip! RMFH saw we were right by Wheels Through Time, we decided to make it the Saturday destination. Cool place, I recommend a visit. A lot of 2 wheel history & they even fire up a few of the bikes as you walk around.

I took a lot more pictures than this, but if I posted 'em all, what would be the point in going in person?

Sunday May 19th. Forgot to add Photos from Bobarosa's

The cabin we stayed in. It was a fun place with friendly staff. I'd stop in there again. Cheap beer prices too! They had the wet tee shirt contest sprayer, and the lady mentioned them, but sadly none happened while we were there. Midgets in wheelchairs with great tits were also mention but no midgets what-so-ever were seen.

Saturday May 18 Wheels through time and the Rattler

Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, NC. Phone died, so Mayor took most of the pics.

Motor porn for the Mayor. He was walking around with a huge boner the whole time. It went down eventually, but ther was a big dark spot on the crotch of his pants for a while.

shaft drive tranny

Reach around the back and try to get the shaft pic... I just realized that I was unintentionally funny there

I was getting a side hack stiffy

side car frame mount

underside of the sidecar

Pull off about 4-5 miles from the North end of the Rattler. We went south to north.

another view from said pull off.

Wall of rock. Just got photo happy.

Now the actual view

Waiting on the fellas.

That's the bike I'm selling.

Add caption

Ken says, "Hey"

The Mayor is always happy to have his photo taken for his constituency

Hot Springs, NC. Right at the end/beginning of the Rattler.

My son has that shirt in PJ form and just asked why that man was still in his PJs.

Underneath that smile he is a seething pile of frayed nerves

Bro shot. Of actual bros. The lady inside made fun of me for ordering an Arnold Palmer. Food was pretty good, well mine was. I'm fat though and not that picky. I'd stop there again.