Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thumbs up!

Went to the Mitt last weekend, wrote a song about it. Wanna heat it? Here it go:

The weather was colder than it was supposed to be. Didn't go to the blessing of the bikes like we planned. Sunday was in the 50's, who would want to go stand in the parking lot and stare at bikes and make awkward conversation when you can ride with your pal...then go to his parents place and make awkward conversation.

Great time, cant wait to go back!

I hope the mayor see's John Candy around. She was our waitress in Port Austin. She goes to school around where he lives.

Lessons learned through this character building exercise:
1. No matter what, check the weather along the route.
2. You should put the windscreen on.
3. Bring the liners for your jackets and pants.

On to the photos:

We ate at Slows, not this place.

Who is that tourist asshole taking photos in the middle of the street?

Its a spooky skellington!

Panoramic of the old Tiger Stadium grounds

Tiger Stadium grounds

Tiger Stadium grounds.

Fat ass outside Tiger Stadium

Follow the Mayor to the dock at His in-law's cabin on Harsen's Island

Put the camera down and walk


View South

View north and a Mayor

Dock Pano

Dock Pano 2

This was a Scenic pull off. Across the river was a factory in Canada.

We stopped here

Still here

See I told you it was us here

Lake Huron

Down the "cliff" is the beach

Look at the view!

Almost jumped down the "cliff" but this guy was nesting there

Pano from the ledge

This is where we were.

More specific

Zoom out

Hand map over the real map so my wife knows where we are.

Beach Pano


mo shells




Looks like somewhere to go

outside the tunnel

Not deep

from the ledge 3/4 of the way to the other side

on the ledge

Sorry it was so out of focus buddy

Freighter from the bar on Harsen's Island.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lake Huron & Carcosa

It was supposed to be 56 today. It ended up being 38. Explored a drainage tunnel.