Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Stripped the aero of it's charging harness and BFF sissybar.

It looks so sad.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Self portrait

Title: what if I shit on my tie?

Dude next to me is having issues I can only dream about.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A quick visit.

RMFH flew into Detroit Metro Friday night to have a quick visit & pick up the new bike. Mostly he just wanted the bike. He flew in late, since I work late, it was convenient for pick up. Once I drove to the correct terminal, and he walked down to arrivals instead of departures, we were on our way.
 Saturday morning we took a little ride downtown.

First stop, Coolidge Cafe. No decade old championship rings this time. Russ ate the lava grits & received 2nd degree burns inside his entire body.
On 1st base looking out.

Dirt & Grass

Old flag pole. Casino in background. The American way.
 Second Stop: Old Tigres Stadium. Had to walk the field before we no longer can.
The greats!

No one home, drive on up.

Our bikes

RMFH. Smiley.
 Third stop: Joe Louis. Just thought we'd buzz by for photos before this area is gone forever too.
"Can't wait to leave... hope it's not windy."

"I just gotta get outta here."
Russ couldn't wait to get out of Michigan. He was in such a rush he almost forgot his windshield the first attempt. He returned 20 minutes later looking for his backpack with all of his belongings. I know what you're thinking;"with those big bags, why would he still strap a backpack on?" The answer is chrome polish. The bags were overflowing with it. He's gonna need it