Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back home

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1124.4 miles and 2 days later.

Back in TN

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Didn't see the state line. That was disappointing.

Hit a squirrel as it scrambled around in the road. No, didn't run it over, it ran towards me and stopped right before I ran it over and my left heel knocked it. It stung, so I know the squirrel wasn't feeling well after the hit. It was knocked high enough Nate said he was worried it was going to hit him in the chest. Then I almost drove through a pack of people riding together becasue they all stopped short because a van stopped in the middle of the road quickly. I was able to slam the rear brake and merge into the right lane before I crashed into them though. Got lucky, I didn't check the right lane to see if there was anyone there. Major pucker factor, but it made Nate giggle

Shortly after this photo was taken, we ate at a McDonalds where I was the smallest morbidly obese person there. I felt sexy.

Econo lodge

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The room has the heat pumped in from hell itself.

Lots of the women at this place looked like prostitutes. Not judging, just making an observation.

Tired gas coffee

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Butthurt too!

Mentally clear, but physically fatigued. It was late, we had been at it since 7am. Do we push on the whole way or find a hotel? We chose staying in Birmingham. Barber Motorsports park and museum was going to be a great thing to visit, so why not? I'll tell you why not. It didn't open until 12pm.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spaceway truckstop

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Aw jeez, why is it disappointing at every turn in Mississippi? Everyplace we stop is like a stereotype of the deep south brought to life. It couldn't have been more back-woodsy, banjo twanging, poverty-stricken, and desolate if it were written that way in a movie.

Everything in MS was icky. And that's coming from someone who washed his face in vomity toilet water.

Wherever. Gas drink go

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Iron man

First interstate gas stop, was getting really shitty gas milage on the shadow. Bad gas or overdue for a tune-up?

El Potro

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Mexi lunch then back to TN.

We were like minutes away from the Louisiana border, but forgot to cross the mighty Mississippi River to get there. Food here was some of the best Mexican food I have ever had, and the hot sauce they gave me was really, really hot.

I made an attempt at a BM here, farted everystep from our table to the water closet. All noise and almost no doodoos. My gut hurt from the need to go.

Yeah I'm classy like that.

Natchez Mississippi

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Gnat central.

Gassed up in Utica. Didn't take out phone. Fill in details later

If by details you mean the locals starting a drunken fight with each other until "superfly, the tow driver guy" verbally broke it up with his threat and posture, then yeah.

 Yeah, that's what I meant. I only heard it from the clerk calling the "poh-leese", I can't believe how fucked up every town we passed in Mississippi was. Boarded up buildings, everything shut down. Thank goodness for the GPS, I would have never found gas off of the Trace with out it. even if in every town it seemed to take us to 3 shut down/abandoned stations before we found an operational one.


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Swapped bikes

This was a Reservoir we passed. No boats on the open water, tons of people fishing though.

We finally passed an overlook and boat ramp, everyone had nice boats in the water about 25 yards from the ramp and partied there. tons of people in the water and around the moored boats just having a good time. Imagine 100% of the boaters on the water crammed into 0.00001% of the water, and that area was a stones throw from the shore and ramp. Retarded as the rest of Mississippi.


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Stretch legs and talk to more strangers.

Older guy was cycling down the trace, we pass him and stop here, moments later he rides up. He asked up if there is a water fountain near, and we tell him we didn't know, but Nate also says, "wow! You're making great time!" The old man looks like he is about to get froggy and says "Whaddya mean?" Nate tells him that we passed him a ways back and he was surprise to see him this far so soon. then the old man starts talking to us about other bullshit and we concluded that he had no Idea what he was talking about. bunch of bullshit about towns that are not in Ole MS. Goofy bitch.

The travel center had a little art museum that had a picture of Oprah in it.

Gas stop

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A talkative stranger, Natchez trace detour because of tornado damage! Tiny town. I'll let Nate add the info on the stranger, he loved talking to Nate. All he said to me was that he didn't hold me living in Nashville against me, but they have too much country music there. That's like saying Detroit has too much of that Motown sound.


Outskirts of tupelo

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Stuffing our faces momentarily then having huge Bm's. We were afraid of the bathroom at our "hotel" last night.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Methtastic regency inn

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Oh god please don't let me catch hep-a tonight.

This place was a mother fucking dump! Having been to third-world countries I can tell you that this place was really that bad, no exaggeration. I will be posting a bunch of videos of the trip, I took one here for everyone to get a taste.

Stripped the comforter off the bed and slept in our sleeping bags. nates bed looked like it wasnt slept in. In the mornign I threw out my old undies and socks and nate tossed his socks. It was my new style of road trip packing: bring old stuff that you dont want to carry back with you and your pack gerts lighter every day you toss the old stuff out.

I wonder what the poor maid thought when two guys threw out undergarments and only one bed looked slept in. Just kidding, there probably isn't a maid and the room probably looks that same way we left it.

It was hot and humid in the room. Didn't turn on the window unit a/c because I figured besides the dank musty smell of the room, we would get legionnaires disease from the unit.

Family drive in

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Tishomingo, MS.

I was ready to die of exhaustion at this point. About 40 minutes of sleep in 36 hours If only there was a sweet hotel within a 19.5 mile radius. Like, a Regency or something.

LOL! Yeah besides Nate being all tuckered out, the people here didn't understand him when he would ask for stuff. Now either Nate is mush-mouthed at this point or rural northern MS is home to some slow folks. I'm actually thinking it may have been a bit of both. Oh and the food here was slop.

Bear creek

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No bears though

I swear I saw one thought, which is why I locked up my brakes to get in here.

Yeah that was exciting

Glen rock branch

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Stop on the trace to find out where we are. Ask me about river crossings on a shadow.

Needed gas, so I punch it into the GPS to get us to the closest station. We then get sent down some sort of park roads that are all gravel and then have to fjord a river. We stopped and Nate looked like he was going to shit his pants. I told him we could cross it and he told me that I would have to try it first. We made it, it was fun, reminded me of being kids and having little adventures on our bikes back home. I had the biggest shit eating grin on my face for the rest of the day thinking about it.

Finally made it to a gas station where we followed an Amish gent in. What did that guy need at a gas station? Dunno, but he checked out our bikes from his buggy and had a bitchin' beard.

Video of Nate crossing the river to come soon

Natchez trace begins

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Food stop at pucketts grocery. Then down the road til we need a gassy pissy stop.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Renegade

So I am all, "I want to carry my tent on my bars, like Lorenzo Lamas, you know the renegade(yes I know it was a bedroll, but my sleeping bag is too fluffy)."

Melissa is like, "Who? Just strap it to your backpack and add the passenger seat and figure out how to secure it all to the seat."

I look at her sternly and growl, "The Renegade".

Then I ran into the garage while she was putting the worlds greatest fuck trophy to bed and strapped it on for a test.

I might have to go buy a long hair wig for this ride. We will bring vigilante justice to eastern Kentucky. That is, of course, if the world doesn't end tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking KY by storm

Okay here is the meet up:

exit 110(state road 60- winchester road) off of i-75. wendys was the first label to show up when I zoomed on the googles, so I figure meet there and grab lunch either there or somewhere around, looks to have a bunch of stuff.

here be some routes I have found. also found some nice rides via as posted on this blog months ago.

Motorcycle Roads (KY): State Highway 700, Cumberland Falls
Motorcycle Roads (KY): Williamsburg, Big South Fork
Motorcycle Roads (KY): Southeastern Williamsburg
Motorcycle Roads (KY): Northern Williamsburg
Motorcycle Roads (KY): Central Williamsburg
Motorcycle Touring Kentucky
Red River & Nada Tunnel : Kentucky Motorcycle Rides
KY 499 to 52 - Richmond to Beattyville: Kentucky Motorcycle Rides

I downloaded some pdfs too I will print with some other routes from the ky state site.

basically good rides everywhere, so we will carve up the national forest as much as we can and pop out anywhere for some nice rides.

Of course All of this is just suggestions and if we meet up and find something else to do, I'm down with that too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiller mechanic

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You guys would love my neighbor, old Mercedes, 57 Chevy, old pickup, two detached garages, this tiller I need to fix, another tiller I need to fix, and a four wheeler I need to do carb work on.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rat fink trike

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At that Oreilly's in Chapel Hill, we stopped across the street at the funeral home when you guys were here last. It was running a vw beetle engine.

Has "R.F." on the scoop above the headlight.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3Fiddy ammo can mockup

I have 3 photos attached of the ammo can going fore and aft, and then three more going port and starboard. I liked the way it looks port and starboard.

Ideally, I would have liked a box double the width, but this could definitely hold a pop, a snack, and some tackle box trays.

I have some ideas for a rod holder too.

I am working on ways to make it a quick-detach without emptying it too so you could use it as a tackle box.