Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back at it

I've been putting off the XJ for a long time. I tore it down in December...of 2012. Too many other things have come up that are higher priority. After Barber, I was motivated more by the VJMC. I got back to my machine shop & after a long talk with the old boss he got busy for me.
Time to get back at it.
Fresh honed jug. O/S pistons are N/A. I sent the stock ones out to be coated.

 Head cleaned, 3 angle valve job on seats. Vales cut & butted.
Valves installed
Springs installed.

Springs & retainers put in order.

Using a Golfers multi-tool to compress springs. My normal spring tool wont work on this style head. This tool works well.

So well I gave it a thumbs up!
This is all just a mock-up. I have to check the lash the disassemble, adjust & reassemble. That will be up next. More to come.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brainwashing Michigan style!

Saw this old studebaker in the homedepot parking lot. Michigan plates, told jake that all the coolest cars have michigan plates. He liked it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Driving the trace...

Not moto or hot rod relevant.

Just driving the trace and am reminded of riding with the mayor.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cool bike, would be better with tassels

Saw this bike in the Home Depot parking lot this past Sunday.
Saw a girl carrying a helmet inside. I thought this was weird, a girl's bike without tassels, when so many 'manly' bikes have them.

Then a little birdie told me it was registered to a dude.

Disclaimer: my judgements were made from a minivan.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Breakfast at Sloans and swap meet

Sloans Motorcycle had their first pancake breakfast of the year on the 4th. Took big 'J' little 'ake'.
Played and sat on a bunch of 'dirtbikes' and 'golfcarts'.
Every motorcycle is a dirtbike, and any utility vehicle like a mule or gator is a golfcart.
he wasn't a fan of blueberries in the pancakes.

He wanted this one

he wanted this golfcart too

I didn't let him sit on the Indians

In retrospect, I should have had him push one over so we'd have to buy it.

He like the faces on the front fenders, he was able to see it better on the older yellowed one

The right color
So we had a bunch of fun and tried some helmets on that we thought would fit him.
The staff was great as always and encouraged us to sit on the bikes and have fun. I thought this was a normal thing sales people did to try to get a sale.

Next we went to the 3rd annual Motorama:
Coolest car there.

"why are is there fire on that car?"

"I want to sit in the bathtub"

Thought I took more picks of the actual swap meet. this was one corner. it was pretty packed.

 Then it was off to the local kids science center.
Nissan had a section. Thought the Mayor would like an engine pic.
 After this we ate lunch and went to the Cool Springs Harley Davidson. No pics there. We sat on one bagger becasue he thought it was like grandpas. As soon as we sat on it a salesman swooped down on us and told us to be careful not to scratch the paint, refering to Jake. Jake was just sitting on the back seat and saying he liked the chair and he could take a nap in it. wasn't kicking or horsing around. I don't know if that was a reflection of that douchebag sales person, or harley dealers as a whole. I haven't had good experiences at the HD dealer(Bumpus) in Mufreesboro either, though that was with the parts department and I didn't have kids with me.
The sales floor there was filled with tons of weekend warrior badasses too. I can't stand those guys. Dentist by day, wicked badass when the knees are in the breeze.

I'm looking at a Springer. Not for any harley, but a springer. When I get mine, I refuse to wear the black shirt and jeans uniform. I'm going to wear anything but. I may buy Honda shirts to wear while riding.

I want people to know I'm not a badass. My tag frame will have something akin to 'my other bike is a minivan' on it.

When I'm ready to buy it, I'm taking my son with me. I'll put him on a bike with me and see what the reaction is. If the sales person is okay, I'll buy one from them. if not, I'm taking my money elsewhere.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

International Motorbike show

Took the family to the International Motorcycle show in Novi, MI today. Always nice to see new models & the show bikes. I didn't take a ton of pics. Its hard with a stroller, a kid that wants to be held & not held at the same time & crowds. Sorry Russ, I didn't know you were interested in Indians or I would have snapped some. Cycle World did a Chieftain/Street Glide comparison last month. It got good reviews. I'm still in limbo on my future bike. I really like the new Ducati Monster 1200S (not pictured). Fast, light, nimble. Then the BMW 1200GS Adventure, more rugged, comfort on a long haul. And last, the HD VRod. Fast, but not too fast, looks good. But so low to the ground, it'd never survive the dragons backdoor, or that sort of trail. Guess I stick with the VStar a few more years. I see why you always go back the Shadow. I need a 4 car garage & a better job so I can own a bike for every purpose.