Monday, March 24, 2014

Dunno where, FL *Failed to publish last friday*

This was north of Port St. Joe, if i recall correctly. bunch of farmland and pine farms.

Warm again *Failed to publish last friday*

Troy-ish Alabama.

This is where I was Mayor'd. Some guy just came over and started checking out my bike, then talked to me about an article he read about an old BMW that was stolen and returned 50-60 years later.

Mutton chops bring people together.

Prepping to leave *Failed to publish last Sunday*

Gotta poo, no tp in house. P'cola or bust!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Panama City

Breakfast at waffle house. Immediate need to evacuate my bowels 5 minutes after leaving. Publix keeps a nice restroom. Spacious.

Return of the self portrait.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Out the bedroom window On St George Island


After making the last post, I was mayor'd by a stranger. Had to be the chops

It's friggin' cold

Left home, 32°F
Now in Alabama for a quick stop.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The future of full face.

So, I was referred to this company's website by a co-worker.
I think this is amazing technology, & shows how far the tech has come along & all of the possibilities.

I wear a full face helmet 99% of the time.
Currently, with smart phone technology, I have had to purchase separately a Sena "SMH 10". This blue tooth attaches to the side of my shell & allows use of all my smart phone functions.
However, I don't have much luck with getting voice command to work well, & the SHM10 has only one button/jog dial that controls every funtion. In colder weather, with a glove on it has been cumbersome to  operate sometimes.
I get audio GPS directions, but I've never liked having to look down to see them. It has served well for its cost, but Skully looks like it is leaping forward to the next step in integrated helmets.
All that plus the rear view cam, this AR-1  looks sweet.
Skully Helmets