Monday, May 28, 2012

More Deals Gap and Blue Ridge

He wasn't adjusting anything, he is presenting for me.

Follow this guy in NC and end up in TN
Signage for the Rape spot, so you can look it up and go get your rape on.

Rape spot view

Rape Spot view

rape spot view

Rape spot view

through the rape spot

Rape palace

more rape spot

More rape spot

To counter the imminent rape, I just said yes.

Just North east of Asheville, NC on the Blue Ridge. Finally back on it at 7:00 pm.

Mayor marking his spot

Go ahead dude, I'll totally be a lookout

View from the Pee spot

Little did we know that the Motel that was 7.9 miles away meant as the crow flies. At least I can take a dump here...

Tagged the door to the Porta-john!

I figured it people had time to write, they might enjoy going to these sights

This was in a gas Station bathroom. It was a one man show.

Some Deals Gap and Blue Ridge Pkwy pics

Dragon schmagon.

No vacancies of any kind for 30 miles
Day 1 Milage. I know its nothing to brag about. I'm only showing it because half of it was doing a wheelie

This stop on the Blue Ridge parkway now belongs to the Mayor.

2 Dorks one bike

2 Dorks no bike

Mayor actually stops for a scenic overlook


Monday, May 21, 2012

Never getting home

Why'd i stop to eat? Under an o er pass south of Dayton.  I wish i would have rain_xed the wind shield.

Seriously,  its a rain magnet.

Lonely gassy pissy

1st one separated is always the loneliest.

Tagged on black mountain.

No self portrait though, didn't want to sit for one.

Sunday, May 20, 2012




Somewhere in east Tennessee. On top of the mountain

Tell your friends.

Lat/long: N 35.58.287 W82.58.118


Side tracked. Russ took us up miles of gravel road to a condemned look out tower . Great view.  Video to come soon.

Lunch @ Pigeon Forge

Yep. I ate a half pound hot dog for lunch.

Where did we go wrong?

We are in pigeon forge.


Newfound gap area is gorgeous.

Saw a billboard for Dollywood. That reminded me that motor boating Dolly is still on the bucket list.

Proving its not a fishing trip


Finally on the blueridge parkway


So they guy at microtel told us the iron skillet had the best breakfast in town. Too bad he neglected to tell us its closed on Sundays.

Self portrait

NC is so nice, I call this portrait. "southern hospitality, bowel catastrophe"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hotel for the night

Campgrounds were all full. Had to drive 34 miles outta deals gap to get a place. Dont worry room has two beds. 650 miles today. Will post video of the dragon when i get home. It was harder than i expected, especially after 10 hours in the saddle. I took it easy.

Zeus burger

Gyro meat, cucumber sauce and feta on
Top of a burger.

Florance y'all

Mad mikes is good. Now to get gas and head to deals gap!