Monday, April 29, 2013

RMFH's VStrom

Dude, someone leaked a video of you riding downtown already.

Swapped out

Getting ready to sell the shadow, swapped out the old sissybar.
Wife now says she may ride it to work, don't rush posting it.

BFF is hanging on the wall o'swag.

Classes ending soon. Then I get to prep the vstrom for the trip!

The sissybar my bro shipped back to me smells like the stuff that shoots out of a corpse's pussy when you jump on its belly.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh yeah new bike

The mayor bought my truck, then helped me pick this fucker up.

Self portrait, "semester almost over"

Is it wrong to have a favorite stall on campus? I've been to some here that had glory holes in them. I've walked in on dudes using said glory holes. This stall is always clean, quiet, and safe. I'd share its location, but then I would have to find a new spot.

I have to chant my mantra
"Grad school is worth it"

Oddly enough I don't mind public restrooms, but when you find a gem like this one...